Club Tropicanna

“Club Tropicana, drinks are free,
Fun and sunshine – there’s enough for everyone

Let me take you to the place
Where membership’s a smiling face,
Brush shoulders with the stars.
Where strangers take you by the hand,
And welcome you to wonderland –
From beneath their panamas…”

20130902-164316.jpg  I’m really not a Wham girl, but I do like this song and, well, I admit it, I liked the pun a lot!  This post is a bit photo heavy because I LOVE this dress, so if you’re looking for more of a pattern review, you’d do better to read my earlier post here!  I actually really enjoyed taking photos of this dress mainly because I put on some happy 60’s tunes, tried to relax, and focused on swirling in this super soft dress…  Thank you to everyone who gave me tons of tips last time – it really helped to know I wasn’t the only one who dreaded photo time!  This is my third Anna (I will blog the middle one soon, I promise!), but my first maxi length and my first with the V-neck opening.  This Anna is a totally different beast when compared to the other two as the very Anna experienced Sew Busy Lizzy has said, and is a much slinkier and more elegant customer than the more refined slash neck midi.

20130902-164326.jpg  The fabric I used is a very soft tropical print voile that I bought here in Singapore.  I’d had my eye on it for a while, and when I saw it on sale, I jumped at the chance!  Because the fabric is so soft, I took my time with it and tried not to manhandle it too much.  The ever awesome Oonaballoona has just written a post about how best to handle silky fabrics and I wish I’d seen it before I started trying to wrangle this slippery fabric into shape!  Because the neckline is so flimsy, I used Lladybird’s idea of adding selvedge scraps to the neckline, but I think I needed a little more than this, so I fell stitched the neckline and ironed some double sided hemming tape to stop the facings from jumping out.  I think next time, I may take Sew Busy Lizzy’s advice and stabilise it with interfacing instead to give the  V’ a little more structure.

 20130902-164134.jpg I also added french seams to the inside of the dress because I’m a bit sick of constantly snipping loose threads, and also because I wanted to make sure I can wear this dress for years to come…  I handstitched the armholes, neckline, facings at the shoulders, thigh high split and the entire hem.  Yes, you read that right, the entire hem.  Admittedly, I did end up doing it in a coffee shop a few hours before I was due to go out for margaritas and tasty tacos, but still, I did it!  I also sewed a hook and eye to the back of the dress, but I forgot to do it up when I took the photos – doh!  I do really love the tailored look to this dress and I feel very elegant in it because of the hand stitching.  Am I alone in this?  I had never handstitched much before, but I think I will be doing so a lot more from now on…20130902-164227.jpg

  There seems to be a flurry of beautiful slash necked maxi Anna’s out there, including this 70’s wonder by Ginger Makes, this silky creature by Sew Amy Sew, and this dress with a bevy of bathing beauties by Roisin.  I really delayed and ummed and ahhed over which neckline to use this time, mainly because I’d seen how very different they looked from each other.  I’m really glad I went with the V neck for the maxi, as I think it could have been a bit too much in such an overexcited print!  I know that Oonaballoona is due to release a new Anna into the wild sometime this week, so it’ll be exciting to see which version she goes with…

I’m off to dance the night away now with my groovy dance moves…!



34 responses to “Club Tropicanna

      • Ooh! The Oolong is beautiful too, but I’ve never made it so I’m going to plump for that! You seem to have the same taste in patterns as me, so I can get you to test it for me…!

      • LOL it’s not been blogged about much. I find Colette patterns tough as I’m smaller & a different body type to their block – but the Oolong is gorgeous. Very feminine. Just have a swamp of patterns, projects and posts to get through first!!

      • No, I’ve not seen it often, so many that’s why I always forget it… I’m sure yours will ensure I dash out to grab it asap though! I find Colette Patterns really difficult to fit as well – they always seem to have too much ease in the shoulders and hips for me! It might just be my bad measuring though as I made a pair of Juniper’s that fit like a glove! Can’t wait to see your Oolong! 🙂

      • I think the bias puts people off Oolong. I think the Colette block is based on Sarai and she’s a different shape. Shorter in the body and broader in the chest and shoulders.
        While most Colettes are hard work I found Macaron to be a delightful fit and the sleeves are gorgeous and worth buying the pattern for that alone.

      • I’ve not tried Macaroon yet, but I’ve seen some beautiful versions out there… I will have to have a look at yours tomorrow! It’s amazing how different pattern companies can be so very different from one to the other. No wonder it’s so hard to get perfectly fitting clothes off the rack…

  1. Ooooh, nice! I had an equally tropical print (but baby blue) in my stash and debated whether I should use it for an Anna. However, since the pattern didn’t arrive, and I *needed* to sew something, I made it into a Saltspring.
    Now I kind of regret having done so… Oh, well. Luckily I still have plenty of stash fabric for the day my Anna finally arrives!

    • Saltspring is a pattern I’ve been coverting for AGES! Have you posted it yet? It looks like such a comfy dress… I’m all about the comfort! Blue Hawaiian print sounds amazing! What are you planning on using for your Anna when she arrives? Are you doing the Sewalong? I think I might make one more…!!

      • It’s a great and fast pattern (I’ve already made it twice)! I haven’t blogged it yet, as I’m supposed to study for an exam at the moment. *cough*
        However, I’ve been wearing it quite a bit around the house (it’s already too cold to wear dresses outdoors here) and it is indeed very comfy!
        I have some beautiful washed silk my mum brought back from her Mekong trip 4 years ago. I already made some blouses and I know it will behave quite nicely while sewing. Mum bought me something like 6m, so I still have enough!
        No sewalong for me, I prefer sewing whenever the fancy strikes me, but then like single minded a madwoman!

      • Ha ha! I’ve a ton of coursework to catch up on too, but I’ve decided to cut out a top instead…! What is your exam on? Good luck! This’ll be my first sewalong, but I doubt I’ll be very good at staying on track. Wow! Two Saltsprings already? That’s some fast work! I will definitely have a look at your dresses on Flickr – I’m sure I will instantly be persuaded to find the pattern… Your mum sounds like a cool lady – 6m of silk from the Mekong is an amazing gift! I’ve never sewn with silk before – is it as tricky as it sounds?

      • Hehe! I started knitting a sweater just yesterday…
        The exam is on the (vast) topic of bilingualism. It’s a self study option, so I really have to study and can’t just rely on sitting in a course and listening (as I usually do).
        Hmm, I think it depends.The only silk I’ve been sewing with is this one, which, while still light and floaty, is not too slippery. I have a silk chameuse in my stash that shifts by simply looking at it, so I guess that’s going to be horrible!
        What courses do you do?

      • Ha ha! I actually ended up knitting yesterday too! What pattern are you using? I’m a little concerned mine will be too small without some very aggressive blocking…! The course sounds really interesting, but it’s tricky to stay motivated if it’s self study! I’m taking a few courses on computer programming (which is partly why I started this blog) and dinosaur paleobiology! I do love dinosaurs, but I could never justify studying them at college (if only people had co-existed
        with them!). Is your course on how
        people learn other languages and
        become bilingual?
        I loved your Saltsprings by the way! They must be so comfy…!

      • 🙂 great minds…
        I am in the middle of an Idlewood (I love cowl necks!). The last project was a bit too snug in the shoulders, so maybe I went a bit too much in the opposite direction with this one. Ah, well!
        Computer programming and paleobiology! What a cool and slightly unusual combination!
        The course is on (almost) all aspects of bilingualism: what is it? how do you become one (growing up? learning it later?), what are the implications for the individual, as well as the society (if there are many bilingual individuals)? what can education do? how can it be described linguistically? etc. It’s very interesting, especially since my kids (one day…) will grow up multilingual for sure! (I’m Swiss my bf is Italian, we live in Finland).
        Thanks! They are very comfy, but it’s getting too cold to wear them, even inside the house. So I made a pair of lounge pants a few days back. 🙂

      • Definitely! Idlewood looks very cosy! What colour will you make it in? I’ve never made a cowl neck – actually, I’ve never made a jumper for myself, so maybe I should remedy that when we move back to Europe! – I’ve always wanted to make this one Maybe one day…!
        The course sounds really interesting and very useful! More useful than dinosaur biology, for sure! You must speak at least four languages between the two of you! How amazing! Finland is supposed to be beautiful – I had a friend at college who was from somewhere near the border with Russia who kept showing me photos, but I never made it there 😦 Lucky you! I wish we had cold weather here occasionally!

      • Definitely! I’d love a bit of cold weather to wear my winter clothes in! 😜 I like your style! Comfy and cosy clothes are the way to go!

  2. Lovely job – gorgeous dress, fabulous print; I just thought I would have a quick check of blogland before I went downstairs to hem my third Anna… they’ve all been slash neck so far, but between you and Sewbusylizzie I am persuaded to try the v-neck next time. And I am sure next time will come around very soon!

    • Thank you! That’s so sweet of you to say! I think making Anna dresses is a compulsion – I’m contemplating my fourth (not including the toile)… They are so quick to whip up though and very comfy and satisfying to wear. I think I may be a convert to the V neck way now – you should try it! Can’t wait to see your Anna’s!

  3. A pina colada would be the perfect accessory for this lovely Anna. I wasn’t so sure about the V-neck but maybe I should give it a go after seeing this one. Great job!

    • Oh yes, please! It’s pretty hot here right now and a pina colada would go down a treat! I felt the same about the V neck, but now I’m a believer! I’m sure you’d look fantastic in it!

    • It’s the most beautiful fabric, isn’t it? I was very restrained and waited until it was on sale. I love your Anna too! I think the pattern makes very happy looking dresses!

    • It was actually just out of shot! We went out for margaritas just after I finished the dress too… I blame the tropical print for all the alcohol consumed! 😉

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