Voyage(r) into Space

20130917-164824.jpgI’ve always loved anything to do with space and one of my favourite things to do is to sit outside and gaze up at the stars, trying to imagine all the other worlds and lives going on up there.  And so, with the exit from our solar system of the first man-made object, I couldn’t help but be very excited and want to do something to mark the occasion!  After chatting to lazylinchen (who was also very excited), we decided this could only be marked by something to do with sewing!  Reglisse by Deer and Doe pattern had been playing on my mind for a very long time, I just couldn’t decide if it would suit me.  This is a very girly dress indeed and while it looked beautiful on other people, I just couldn’t imagine wearing it myself.  That was, until the day I saw the most amazing silhouetted astronaut fabric!  There was absolutely no way this cotton poplin could ever look too girlish, even with that most feminine of patterns – the Reglisse!  Anyway, as soon as I saw this fabric, I knew it would be just the right mix of non-girly print with a girly pattern to give this dress a chance to prove itself!  Just a few days later, Voyager 1 left our solar system and so the stars were aligned (sorry, but I couldn’t resist!) to make this the perfect time to make a space dress!

20130919-200816.jpgThis Reglisse was made with absolutely no alternations as it is only close fit around the waist (with stretch elastic – hurray!).  I originally made the dress without the collar as it reminded me of Japanese “sailor” school uniforms with it attached, but I changed my mind once I saw these beauties by bobbinsboutique, gingermakes, and, of course, the lovely Eleonore!  Collar now firmly attached, I uhmmed and ahhed over the long tails, but decided to just go with it figuring that I could just cut them off if I really hated them.  I’m really not a fan of elastic waistbands, but it does make this a very, very comfy dress to wear (even after eating a huge meal!) and can easily be covered with a belt to make it look a little more serious…  The bias-cut skirt makes this a perfect dress for spinning about in, as well as giving the illusion of not being so fulled when it’s not zipping about around your ears!  I added french seams where possible to the dress to help make this dress last longer and not fray away like some other clothes I could mention…!  Five to ten centimetres have been graded off the corners of the skirt because my fabric wasn’t wide enough to fit the pattern pieces, but this has still left me with a very floaty skirt indeed!  20130919-194056.jpgI do think the combination of the pointy sleeves and the large collar can make this look a little bit “Jetsons”, but, hey, this is a space dress after all!  There are also some very neat pleats at the shoulder which give this dress a touch of 1940’s elegance!  The pattern is really well illustrated and very easy to fit (thank you, elastic waistband!) with Eleonore’s usual friendly words to guide you through the process.  I really would recommend this pattern to anyone who wants an easy dress to put together and wear.

Pleat detail at the shoulders

Pleat detail at the shoulders

However, and this is my only problem with this dress, I’m not totally sure I like the look of it on me.  I love wearing it and the fabric print makes me as pleased as punch, but I can’t help feeling I look like an overgrown schoolgirl in it.  I wore it out to the gym without too many stares, and my husband really likes it, so I don’t think it can be as crazy looking as I think.  It could also be more to do with the fact that I have only worn dresses like this in primary school!  Before we moved to Singapore, I really didn’t wear dresses, instead sticking firmly to jeans and t-shirts for practical and weather purposes.  Unfortunately, it is simply too hot and humid to wear that many clothes here, and so I quickly graduated to making and wearing dresses.  While I feel comfortable in most of the clothes I have made, I do always take a sharp intake of breath when I first wear a new dress outside and if I’d not been so sleepy on my way to the gym, I probably wouldn’t have worn this dress at all.  20130917-164831.jpgNow that I have worn it, I don’t think I’ll worry too much next time!  However, as this dress is so feminine, I feel my extremely ancient flip-flops just won’t cut it anymore.  I find the whole “shoes that match dresses” thing completely baffling (my husband chose my shoes for our wedding because I would have worn my comfy battered pumps if left to my own devices!) and heels absolutely impossible, mostly because I get so exasperated that you can never get anywhere fast enough in them (can you tell I used to live in London?), so I think it will be pumps all the way!  Anyone have any advice on comfy shoes to wear with dresses?  I wish everyone would just give up on shoes and walk around in their bare feet instead…!

Anyway, back to Voyager 1 which is much more interesting than shoes!  Voyager 1 has been travelling around in space for just over thirty-six years, originally to study Jupiter and Saturn’s moons, but as it kept going, to explore the outer reaches of our solar system.  Voyager 2, which actually left Earth before Voyager 1, has “stopped off” to explore Neptune and Uranus, but will also go into interstellar space in 2016.  At the time the Voyagers were launched, NASA weren’t sure if they would be able to communicate with the probes once they crossed over the heliopause (basically the point when the Sun gets replaced by the Milky Way as the main gravitational pull), so there was great relief when Voyager 1 sent back this sound – it’s the sound of deep space!  Both probes will continue to send back data until their power sources stop functioning, and will never return to this solar system.  I will leave you with a photo taken by Voyager 1 as it turned back for a last look at Earth just before the camera was permanently turned off.

Earth is the small blue dot with the arrow pointing to it.   Image from NASA/ JPL-CALTECH

Earth is the small blue dot with the arrow pointing to it.


18 responses to “Voyage(r) into Space

  1. This is so great – the fabric is genius and the shape of this dress is lovely on you – not a hint of overgrown schoolgirl! I reckon the wide belt probably helps make it a bit more “grown up”, too. Love it and I think you should wear it lots!
    I’m with you on the shoes front – I have lots of heels, but never wear them (except for weddings and photos) and can usually be found in pumps (as in plimsolls, rather than grown up lady shoes) or birkenstocks in Summer…

    • I will certainly be wearing it lots and lots because it is waaaaay too comfy! I’m very glad to hear it doesn’t look school-girly! Why are heels so uncomfortable?! I always used to be in awe of all the women in Tokyo who wore them every day to work! Ooh! Birkenstocks always look really cool – my very well loved flip flops have (or rather had) a cork base and they are so comfortable! Maybe they should be my next shoes…!

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  3. I agree with rachsews, not hint of schoolgirl whatsoever. I love it! It’s even better than I thought it would be, and what sounds better than Astronaut fabric dress! The pattern also reminds me of sailor dresses, but it’s a space sailor dress and thus by definition AWESOME!
    As for the shoes: While I would love to be able to walk barefoot all the time, I fear the “crazy lady” judgements. So, since I have to wear them, I try to be in as comfortable shoes as possible. Which mostly means flats in all shapes. But if I want to be a bit more elegant and feminie, I love me some wedge sandals. The are comfy and very stable for heels. I can walk (and run after public transportation) all day in mine. Sadly it is already too cold for that, so flats I wear.

    • This is so true! Space sailors (or pirates as yesterday was apparently ‘Talk Like A Pirate Day’) are the best sailors there are! The pattern really does lend itself to the fabric, but I’m having to restrain myself from buying more as I could end up with an entire astronaut wardrobe…
      I forgot about wedge sandals! They are very very comfy, but I haven’t had a pair for years – I think I may need to go shoe shopping! There’s nothing wrong with walking barefoot all the time – I have a bad habit of abandoning my shoes as soon as I can especially if I’ve had a drink! I think my wedding shoes came off as soon as we got to the pub! If I ever make it to Finland, we will walk around barefoot together! 🙂

      • Haha, I’m exactly the same! I kicked off my shoes at afriends wedding and danced barefoot all night. Got some pretty funny looks, but hey, I had fun!
        Deal! Just make sure to come in Summer 😉

      • Good point! My feet may fall off if we dance barefoot in the snow…! Barefoot dancing is the cool thing to do – maybe they just haven’t heard yet? 😉

    • Thanks so much, Ginger! The fabric is really light (but not see through – hurray!) so it’s really good to wear here too! Your Reglisse is a big part of why I added the collar, so thank you for being so inspiring! 🙂

  4. This fabric is amazing! On the shoes front – I do think even non-wedge heels can be comfy in principle, unfortunately they are often the really expensive kind. I’ve had good experiences with a pair of those gel insoles, they can make all the difference.

    • Thank you, Eva! I always wondered about the gel insoles, so I will investigate them next time I have to wear a pair of “proper” heels! Thanks for the tip! Do you have any shoe brands you’d recommend for comfy heels?

    • I know! It’s really amazing when you think about a little bit of Earth zipping around out there… Thank you! I’m wearing the dress right now! 🙂

  5. Aww that’s sad, I just wrote you a comment and then WordPress went mental for a bit so I’m not sure it sent! Anyway what I WANTED to say was:

    This is the most amazing dress ever! I’ve wanted to make one with robots/aliens/planets/stars on for ages but I never thought of spacemen. Also, a lot of such prints are usually childish and the motifs are HUGE so it looks like curtain fabric rather than dress fabric, but your spacemen are perfect! I like that it’s in red too, I never wear red and I’ve been struggling to find a red fabric I like so I can amend this, but no luck so far.

    Regarding shoes, as a not outrageously girly or shoe savvy gal myself I’d go with bright red low converse type things (they probably have a cool name for that style, but I know it not…). They’re comfy, cool, work just as well with jeans or a dress and if necessary, you can run like hell fire in them.

    I’m now off to scour your entire blog for more sewing and geekery 😀


    • Boo! I hate it when WordPress loses comments! I can never remember what I wanted to say after it gets lost so I have to think up entirely new things! Thank you so much for writing it again though (and for your lovely compliments!) because you made my morning brighter!

      I totally agree about how hard it is to find prints that aren’t too childish or too garish! As soon as I saw this one, I was very smitten and wanted to buy the whole range (they had some with fish, zebra, and foxes too)! I have to say that I do tend to buy fabrics that are meant for kids curtains pretty often and they always get turned into circle skirts! 😉

      Ow! Converse make me sad! I wore a pair on a very soggy day in Kyoto and they ripped my feet to shreds 😟. I’m still not sure why because they’re supposed to be very comfy, but ever since I’ve been scared of them! I have, however, just bought some shoes that look like converse pumps, so I must have read your mind! x

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